Custom Products, Ethically Made

& research

You’ve heard about rewriting the rule book? Well, we are upcycling it! We’re not here to reinvent the wheel. We take what already works, or what has worked in the past, and find ways to make it better – more sustainable, more durable, more cost-effective.

It’s in the fabric of our business (pun intended). We are a team that love to explore and try new things which often leads to exciting and innovative discoveries. Research and development plays a key role in everything we do, whether it’s learning about an underutilized organic material that we can use to make bags or taking one of our existing materials and testing new uses for it to expand our product range.


Not only do we want to push the boundaries and position ourselves as market leaders and pioneers through our endless research and growing range of sustainable materials and promotional products, but we want to continue to add value to our clients and have a positive impact on the environment.

We test new materials, printing techniques and products, we repurpose those that already work, and we scope upcoming trends with the aim of being able to offer our clients anything their heart desires without compromising on quality or our core values.

This has led to several exciting new ideas which are in the pipeline and we cannot wait to share with you.

We value
diverse perspectives

Our innovation and research also indirectly leads to improvements across our entire supply chain. We can procure materials that require less water and use methods of production that save energy and reduce our carbon emissions. This enables us to continually uphold and enhance our sustainability principles.

But this isn’t all about us and what we want. We are driven by our clients’ needs and we value diverse perspectives so your ideas or suggestions are always welcome. In fact, they are encouraged!