So you’ve been told by your company directors that the organisation wants to go green as much as possible. The new customer is demanding more and more of their products to be sourced and packaged in an environmentally friendly way. Your company has thus decided to respond in a way to satisfy that demand. Being the head of procurement you are responsible for sourcing and purchasing on behalf of the company. You are in a dilemma to find as many eco friendly products as possible. One on your list is wholesale eco bags. The aim of this article is to make your life easy. It will help you to decide which wholesale eco bags you need to look for. The following criteria will narrow your search for the right one:

Size matters

Who said size didn’t matter? One of the first things you will need to look at is size. Is bigger better or is small more practical? The question you have to ask is what are you going to use these bags for? Will they be for packaging your own goods or to allow your customers to put their shopping in? It may be that these wholesale eco bags will be used for more than one purpose. You may then need to look for more then one size. So one size may not be enough! A good way to know is to order samples of a few sizes and try them out.

Natural beauty or cosmetic appearance?

Are you one that prefers natural beauty to cosmetic appearance? With the eco friendly bags you would like to order, you may order them in their natural material or you may have them treated in colours and textures of your choice. One thing to note is that if you are looking for colour then cotton bags tend to show colour vibrancy better then jute bags. They catch and hold the dyes better. Jute bags generally tend to look good in their natural colour.


How long do you want it to last? Like anything the more you want it to last and leave an impression the more you have to invest in it. From a range of wholesale eco bags – jute bags tend to be dearer then cotton bags but they last longer and thus leave an impression for a longer period of time. Jute bags are also tougher then cotton bags. So if your products are generally heavy in nature then your choice of eco friendly bags would lean towards jute bags as opposed to cotton bags.

Do you want to leave a mark?

Leaving your mark is not necessarily a bad thing. You may want to print your logo or company name on your wholesale eco bags especially if you are looking to give these bags away at no extra cost to your customers. This is an opportunity to advertise your business. As these bags are reusable, your logo or company name will be carried around increasing your brand awareness in the market. Nowadays with modern print technology it is possible to print both on cotton bags as well as jute bags in many different ways.

Ready & available or looking to mould?

This is a decision you’ll have to make depending on whether you already know exactly what you want or are open to take on whatever is available on the market? Usually if you are looking to create your own piece – it takes a little longer for it to come to life. But if you have the time and patience then this will mean you will get exactly what you want. The service that you are looking for is the bespoke bag making service. On the other hand if you want something quickly and are open to what is available on the market then its best to go for bags in stock.