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Let us do all the hard work for you.
We are more than just a supplier and buying partner of sustainable promotional products. We aim to add more value to our clients by providing end-to-end support with the supply chain from establishing the clients’ needs and developing the product right down to delivering it to their doorstep.

We are a complete sourcing solution that removes the responsibility from your shoulders onto ours.

Why Bag Maverick use sustainable materials

Why choose us

We accept projects of any size from anywhere in the world
Our services are tailored to your needs so we build a package that works for you
Each service is delivered by an expert in that field with years of experience
Our teams communicate at each stage to ensure the process runs smoothly
Project Consultation

Every project starts with a comprehensive consultation which involves our in-house designers and your dedicated account manager sitting down with you to find out exactly what you want.
Acting as your extended partner, we listen to your ideas to better understand your needs and establish how we can help bring them to life.

If you’re not sure where to start and you need a little inspiration, we can provide our expert recommendations based on the hundreds of successful projects we have completed over the last 18 years.

During the consultation phase, we go over every aspect of the project – type of product, purpose of product, deadlines, budgets, ways of working – in great detail so that we have a clear and cohesive vision to prevent any setbacks further down the line. It can often require multiple meetings and regular communication over email or the phone until we all feel confident that we have created a thorough and accurate outline of the project.

To assist with this, we will ask you to provide us with as much information as possible. This includes brand guidelines, mood boards and all relevant artwork such as logos.

Design and Product Development

Our in-house team of designers collaborate with our clients to put together detailed digital mock-ups that can be tweaked as much, and as often, as required.

Once we have established your needs and produced a project outline, our in-house design team will begin to develop your promotional products.

We start by consolidating all of the information that you have provided and using it to design an initial proof. Given that the project consultation will have helped us get a detailed understanding of what you’re looking for, we’re confident that we can bring your ideas to life at this stage.

We then send you the initial proof which includes a full specification list outlining sizes, colours, materials, features and costs. If you or your team have any feedback, then we are able to make tweaks or do a full redesign as many times as needed until you are completely satisfied.

Once signed off, our designers contact the production team who source the appropriate factory and start the sampling process. The samples will be sent to you for final approval so that you can make sure the visual concept we have designed translates well as a physical item.
We don’t stop until we get it right – this means making as many alterations as needed or going back to the drawing board if necessary.

Artwork Tips

  • Artwork must be provided in digital format as a vector file
  • Avoid printing gradients or drop shadows
  • Try to avoid reverse text where possible
  • Ensure artwork is in the correct Pantone colours
  • Minimise white or pale colours on jute
  • We recommend a minimum font size of 22px on jute
Factory Sourcing

Sourcing the right factory for your project is essential. It needs to tick all the boxes – strong ethical practices, quality service, speed, reliability, capabilities – whilst remaining within your budget.

Our production team, based in the Far East, are responsible for this part of the process and have built strong relationships with the best fully-certified factories in India, Bangladesh and Vietnam making it quick and easy for them to source the right one for your project.

As soon as the consultation phase is complete, our experienced team use the project outline to assess their wide network of trusted factories and select the most suitable one for you based on budget, turnaround times, quantities and type of product.
We know who can get the job done and we only work with factories that have been thoroughly vetted by us, audited by recognised third-parties and have proven to deliver quality products every time.

Our team then conduct negotiations on your behalf using their industry knowledge and relationships to get the most cost-effective result for you.

Once a factory has been agreed on by all parties, we carry out another full inspection to ensure that it complies with our ethical standards before we get started on producing samples of your promotional products that can be sent to you for approval.

We promote ethical sourcing

Ethical sourcing is the process of ensuring that products, goods or materials are being obtained in a way that would be deemed morally acceptable and responsible.
This means that the workers involved in making them are safe and treated fairly and that negative environmental, economic and social impacts are kept to a minimum during the sourcing process.

Our promotional products are ethically sourced which means that we only work with factories that comply with ethical standards.

Learn more about our factories and ethical standards

We pack and arrange the shipping of goods directly from the factory to our clients’ designated location using our wide distribution network which enables us to deliver globally and more
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Rigorous testing is conducted at every stage of the process to ensure that the products meet our high standard of quality and that they are safe and fit for purpose before being shipped to our clients. read more