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What is Cotton?

Cotton is a natural fibre that grows on the seed of the cotton plant. It is the world’s most produced natural fibre and is grown in many countries. The fibre is most often spun into yarn or thread and used to make a soft, breathable textile. Proceeds from the sale of natural fibres such as cotton contribute significantly to the income of poor farmers and those working in fibre processing and marketing.

    Benefits of Cotton

  • Available in Organic and Fairtrade
  • Organic Cotton is Fertiliser and Pesticide Free
  • Sustainable
  • Short Growth Cycle
  • 100% Bio-degradable
  • Soft and Breathable Textile

A little more about Cotton…

Cotton can be finished using various processes; each to achieve a different effect. Below are a list of the most common cotton finishes:

This process removes microdust.

This produces an off-white colour.

This produces a smooth finish to the fabric.

This prevents the shrinkage and wrinkling of knitted or woven fabrics

Fabric is given a final press to produce different effects

Colour can be added to the yarn or the finished woven fabric.

Extra Processes
You may need your material to meet added requirements such as water repellency, ensuring water is repelled not absorbed or fire retardant finishes such as cotton proban.

Once the cotton is spun into yarn it can be woven to produce fabric in various weights. Choose from lightweight cotton to heavyweight canvas.

Lightweight cotton is available in 3oz-5oz (115gsm-150gsm), these fabrics have a finer weave and smooth finish and are mainly used for promotional cotton bags, small pouches & packaging.

Once the cotton weight goes above 5oz (150gsm) the weave of the fabric gets coarser and the term canvas is used to describe the fabric. Canvas is available in 8oz-20oz (220gsm-660gsm). Heavier weight canvas is typically used for canvas bags and pouches.

Cotton & canvas can be supplied in various weaves, each giving the fabric a unique finish. Take a look below at the most popular cotton & canvas fabrics:

Standard Canvas
Duck Canvas
Cotton Twills & Drills
Slub/ Dobby Fabric

The natural colour of cotton is ecru, but cotton can be dyed to match any Pantone colour. Before the fabric is dyed it must be bleached to remove the natural ecru colour of the cotton, this results in the fabric being an off-white colour.

Once the fabric has been through this process it is referred to as RFD fabric (Ready For Dyeing), and is now ready to be matched to a chosen Pantone colour.

As well as dyeing the woven fabric, the cotton yarn can be dyed before it is woven. This allows you to mix different coloured yarns into the woven fabric, creating unique fabrics.

We can provide cotton with various certifications such as:

Organic GOTS
Organic OE100

Cotton can be easily branded with your artwork. Choose from a range of print techniques including:

– Classic Screen Printing
– Digital Printing
– Transfer Printing
– CMYK Printing
– Tonal Printing
– Embroidery
– Foil Printing
– Glitter Printing

View examples of various print techniques…