Julia Pitschugina, Sales Manager – Bag Maverick, Specialists of Bespoke Bags

After 7 years of living in London I made the move back to my home country – Germany. My job brought me back. In my role, as a Sales Manager at Bag Maverick – a company that specialises in bespoke bags, I help our customers to choose the right eco-friendly bag. With my role being connected to protecting the environment, it has never been this exciting for me. It brings everything together, my purpose and my work.

After an exciting 7 years in London I felt slightly foreign in my mother land and found a few things slightly annoying and […]

Bags for life – do you qualify?

As a business you need to ask the question: do you qualify to use bags for life? Many businesses as we know are switching from plastic bags to bags for life. Following questions will help you decide whether you can be one of them:
Is your business involved in supplying sustainable environmentally friendly goods or services?
If your business is involved in supplying sustainable environmentally friendly goods and services, it is a no brainier that you would want to use bags for life instead of plastic bags. If you think about it – packaging such products in a plastic bag will be […]

Eco bags – dying to have them, but don’t know where to begin?

So you’ve been told by your company directors that the organisation wants to go green as much as possible. The new customer is demanding more and more of their products to be sourced and packaged in an environmentally friendly way. Your company has thus decided to respond in a way to satisfy that demand. Being the head of procurement you are responsible for sourcing and purchasing on behalf of the company. You are in a dilemma to find as many eco friendly products as possible. One on your list is wholesale eco bags. The aim of this article is […]

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