As a business you need to ask the question: do you qualify to use bags for life? Many businesses as we know are switching from plastic bags to bags for life. Following questions will help you decide whether you can be one of them:

Is your business involved in supplying sustainable environmentally friendly goods or services?

If your business is involved in supplying sustainable environmentally friendly goods and services, it is a no brainier that you would want to use bags for life instead of plastic bags. If you think about it – packaging such products in a plastic bag will be sending out the wrong message to your consumer. An appropriate message to your clientele that you are truly a business that is environmentally friendly focused can only come across if instead of plastic bags you use bags for life.

Are your customers demanding bags for life?

Your business may not be a fully fledged environmentally friendly business. However your customers are demanding bags for life and also asking that more of your products be sourced in that way. In that case a switch from your normal plastic packaging to eco-friendly packaging can be a great move. This will show that you are listening. Your customers will reward you by purchasing more products and services from you.

You or your management concerned about the environment?

If you are somebody like me, you would want to do as much as possible to help the environment. If you or your management are concerned about sourcing eco-friendly packaging then its best to switch to bags for life. This change could also be driven from your employees. Employees tend to be your eyes and ears in the business as they may work closely with your customers. They may thus know what the consumers are demanding. They too may feel more comfortable packing products in a eco-friendly way.

Is it going to be beneficial in the long run to the business?

It eventually comes down to whether the switch to bags for life will be beneficial to the business. As far as I am aware there are no long term studies out there over the effects to profitability. Certainly not in terms of every unique business out there. However it is generally known that bags for life are used by consumers over a long period of time. A few things are for sure, they will drive down packaging costs when consumers shop again at your stores reusing their bags for life. And it will also help in advertising your products as these bags for life are carried around everywhere the consumers go.

Are your competitors concerned and changing their ways?

The best indicator that you should switch to bags for life is if your competitors already have. For your competitors to have switched must mean that there must have been a demand from the consumer to move in that direction. If you do not follow suit it may mean loss of business and loss of brand value.